Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Title Of Show

'MY AiDS' is an absolutely terrible title for a show. It's often said that your title is your biggest marketing tool. This particular title is not exactly my strongest selling point. If we weren't clear on this already, the 'AIDS' part of the title does not refer to the presidential, sleep, study or hearing kind but the actual Aquired Immune Deficiency Sydrome kind. Once that becomes clear to somebody, I think it kinda hits them over the head. It's a bit in your face and somewhat inappropriate.

And maybe that's why I love it.

We (and by we I don't mean just me and the voices in my head) have tried making it a bit more accessible. We've given the title a fun font to try and convey the humor of the piece. We have also added the little sub title "...A comedy".

I think in print and on line this is all working out rather well but when you have to say it out loud - speaking those words becomes another thing.

When I tell a stranger (or as I like to call them 'Future Fan') about the show, give them the title, and quickly tell them what it's about, my spiel is usually: "Yeah I'm doing this one man show. It's called MY AiDS and it's my story about being HIV positive and becoming an adult and stuff ..."

Slightly awkward pause that may only be in my head... and then I follow it with "IT'S A COMEDY!!" Then I hand them my spiffy little show card.

You'd think a person who runs around talkin' about his AIDS in his own one man show would be comfortable with telling people about it. Not true. Every time I mention it I still flinch a little inside. There is the slightest quiver in my gut; the sometimes not so slightest bit of embarrassment.

And maybe one day all of that will go away.

And maybe it won't.

But I'm gonna try to be more brave.

In any case, it's much easier I think when you have to say things like "Oh, I'm doing a tour of Footloose. Yeah I'm playing the Lori Singer character".


Love me,

You can buy tickets for MY AiDS at athandtheatre.com

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Nest said...

If the play is half as funny as your blog it's going to slay audiences. I can't wait!