Sunday, January 17, 2010

An introduction to me, MY BLoG and MY AiDS

Well Hello! Welcome to my blog. Chances are if you found this you are A) already a very good friend or B) stalking me. I embrace both possibilities.

My name is Dan Horrigan. I am not a writer. I am not an actor. I am however HIV positive and apparently kinda funny. In spite of and because of these things I have created my own solo show called MY AiDS. The piece is a funny and honest autobiographical monologue about being HIV positive, becoming an adult and finding the perfect set of kitchenware.

I've been working on creating the piece for over a year and am now gearing up for a 3 week New York run. I am absolutely thrilled...

... and totally terrified.

One of my fears is that nobody is going to see the show. Now this may be classic performer insecurity but the truth is that aside from my own delusions of grandeur, I am not famous. I am not famous and HIV is not easy to market as a comedy. So in order to combat my fear that nobody will show up, I have decided to promote the show and myself via a blog that nobody will probably read!

Makes perfect sense right?

But maybe that won't be the case. It could turn out that chronicling this experience will end up being a blog-o-sphere sensation. People will be entertained and moved by my thoughtful and witty insights. Readers will identify with my everyman struggles, be impressed with my quirky charm, and flock to see the show. The blog will then be re-packaged as an international bestseller and made into a major motion picture in which Chris Messina plays my husband. Chris Messina will then decide that he's gay and he will fall in love with me on set. We will have an ocean side wedding with tiki torches, bare feet and lots of billowing linen. The blog will either be removed to increase book and sequel book sales or be infrequently updated by some poor starving intern.

OK, I'm getting a little ahead of myself here.

Whatever happens, I hope you're with me for the journey.

Love me,

You can buy tickets for MY AiDS at

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