Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Rediscovered MY AiDS!

No I did not randomly walk into a clinic just to test positive all over again. (Oddly enough though I have imagined doing exactly that...)

For the most part, doing your own one man show is a lot of fun. I suggest you give it a try...unless you have a vagina and then you should probably do your own one woman show. But hey, I'm not here to put people in boxes.

I digress. Again, it is a lot of fun. It certainly helps that I find myself very entertaining but sometimes things do get stressful. Along with telling stories and telling jokes I have to have the following conversations and thoughts running through my brain: 'Is a Saturday night show at 10:30 too late?'...'Is this chair in the budget?'...'Should I cut that section?'... 'Will there be any press coming?'... 'Is $25 too high a ticket price?'... 'Does this shirt make me look fat?' All important questions.

Suffice it to say Ambien free nights are few and far between.

However a coupla days ago, while on a brisk jog through my hood Sunnyside Queens, I realized some stuff. I've been creating this show for almost a year and a half now. It all began with me click clacking away on my computer. Then I started to read it for friends in my living room. In September I did a little presentation of it at The Gay Center here in New York. That was a really encouraging experience that convinced me I needed to move forward with the piece.

So I am.

The fact of the matter is that this is no longer me in my living room surrounded by my friends who adore me. This piece however, should always feel like me in my living room surrounded by my friends who adore me.

With this in mind I had the best rehearsal I've had yet. I re-connected with the piece and why I started cobbling it together in the first place.

I need to just keep it open, honest, simple and fun.

That should be easy enough...

Love me,

You can buy tickets for MY AiDS at


lebofsky said...

What an exciting breakthrough!
All artists need to remember and hold onto that original inspiration: when it was fresh, new and exciting. You only bring to it what you feel about it.
This very blog entry is an inspirational reminder! Thank you!

"...put people in boxes."
He does it again!!!

mom719 said...

I adore you as well!!! Can't wait to see the show!!