Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Different Blog All About ME!

So earlier today I was doing some work online (and by "doing some work" I mean frantically googling my own name like the self obsessed neurotic that I am) and I came across this awesome blog posting about me!!! I read it on this totally random website by this person who is a complete and utter stranger whom I have never met in my life ever. You can read the blog posting HERE

OK so maybe the website's not so random...

And maybe I kinda know the writer... for like 10 years.

Fine. You got me. He's my BFF. His name is Michael Francis Hartney II. Or as I like to call him: Michael France Jolie. He's a really funny actor and comic who cracks me up and keeps me sane on a regular basis. (that's his headshot up there on the left.)

But I swear I have absolutely no idea where he got the notion to write such a wonderful piece about me that I can access for further promotional use...

Love me,

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