Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Love Poppers and Spooning with Muscle Bears!

This morning at the gym, I was on the eliptical reading Entertainment Weekly. (What gayer sentence could start this posting other than, "This morning I was gangbanged while listening to the new Kylie") The recent issue features a cover story about gay celebrities coming out in a way that is not a big deal. So often when these celebrities have come out as gay it is riddled with statements like, "I'm gay, it's just a part of who I am." or "I happen to be gay, it's not a big deal" or my personal favorite "I'm gay, but it doesn't define who I am". 

I am so over these sentiments! Why did you secure an interview / hold a press conference / hire a social media expert only to go on and on about how it's just a not big deal - triple question mark, double exclamation point. For once for the love of Jean Tripplehorn, I would be thrilled if a celebrity gave a coming out interview in which they said "Yes! I am a great big 'Mo. It's a big part of my life! I love poppers, her MADGE-esty, spooning with muscle bears and shopping for teeny tiny bathing suits. It is a very big deal!"
I'm sorry but my being gay does very much define who I am. It is kind of a big deal as I am kind of a big deal. It is one great, big, awesome, mother fuckin' deal. Most of my favorite qualities about myself do seem to stem from my experience as a gay person. As a little boy as I was chased down the street to the taunts of "Dannygirl" and "faggot", I began to develop my well honed sense of humor and wit. This humor and wit has evolved from being a defense mechanism or even a weapon of sorts, to being a way to bring joy and laughter into the world. Cuz as it turns out... I am high-larious.

 I felt "other" and "different" growing up, (probably because I was a giant homogaysexual) and was always looking for a place to fit in. I found that place in books, in stories of magical lands and extraordinary people. This experience developed my imagination tremendously. It left me with the desire to bring such stories to life,  igniting  my passion for and commitment to live theatre. This might have something to do with me creating my very own theater company.

This experience of being "other" and "different" has made me a more sensitive, compassionate, empathetic person. I identify with those that are also different, other, forgotten, left out. This might explain why I have a bent for social justice and why I might also be a decent shoulder to cry on.

Being gay however,  has not made me particularly humble.

I would not say that "gay" is a defining characteristic for me. Humor, creativity, compassion - these, I would safely say are my defining characteristics. But all of these characteristics come from the same experience, the same root and that experience is being a loud and very, very proud Liza lovin', Golden Girl's watchin', man - marryin', disco dancin', cock smokin' queer. It's a big deal. A very big gay deal. 

Happy Pride Kittens!