Monday, February 8, 2010

Visual AiDS

Last night we started "tech" for MY AiDS. Now "tech" for you non theatre folks, is shop talk for "technical rehearsals". This is the point in the creative process where the show moves into the theatre and all the technical elements are added (scenery, lighting etc.) The fact that MY AiDS even has a tech is so surprising to me. It's also really wonderful.

Tech began with me and my roommate Nick rolling up with a car full of brand new Ikea furniture. I don't ever want to hear Kathy Griffin whining about being on the D - list ever again. I BROUGHT MY OWN SET! (if you haven't guessed I'm not in any kind of union here)But it's cool. My director Dave Solomon, our wonderful scenic designer Shoko Kambara and I all agreed on a set made up of furniture that felt like "Dan". This shit will continue to feel like "Dan" in my living room well after the show has closed!

As we began to assemble the set pieces (and by "we" I mean At Hand Executive Director Justin Scribner), our brilliant lighting designer Zach Blane and his team were hard at work. The lighting team was hanging, focusing, wiring, patching and doing lots of other stuff I know nothing about. I know they were very high up on ladders and using tools.

After some time we began to "light" the show. Zach (the lighting designer) and Dave (the director) bossed me around and told me to stand here, stand there, do this bit and do that.
Over and over and over.

I like to think I was patient but I am sure I was annoying. It was taking a long time. And we're still not done. We worked until well past midnight and we're continuing tomorrow. It's detailed, tedious technical work... but for me it was altogether inspiring. This show, my show, my stories, my story, MY friggin' AiDS is coming to life all around me. Not only do people care about what I have to say but they believe in it enough to give it a visual language.

We left the theatre last night at 4:15 in the morning.

I am very tired...

and beyond humbled.

Love Me,

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